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Curiousfly | Campaigns

Curiousfly Campaigns

Curiousfly is home automation company who has wide range products that offered complete home automation. Social media was heavily used to find potential customers. Within 3 months of campaign we were able to generate more than 300+ interested people across Kerala. The video’s where a mix of motion graphics and 2d animations. From Facebook audience insights we noted that more than 75% of targeted audience access Facebook through smartphones. And in case of Instagram platform, targeted audience only access Instagram via smartphone as Instagram platform is exclusive to smartphone. Thus, we created videos for the campaign in 4:5 aspect ratio for best immerse ad experience on smartphone. 


People at large where not familiar with home automation nor the brand Curiousfly.  Competition was from outside India who had higher budgets. Finding people who are planning to build a new home or in process of building a new home as well as rennovation.


To make people aware about home automation and brand Curiousfly at optimal cost. Finding people who are building new home as well as has the potential to afford premium product. Targeting audience who are seeking for new technology.


We created two campaign strategy. First inviting people who are building new home and in second campaign we emphasized on the benefits of automation and asking people to switch curousfly.


Building New Home campaign yielded the results that the firm was expecting.


On further analyze we noticed that more people could attracted by showcasing product benefits.


Get Curiousfly campaign was launched from the feedback of the first campaign.

After successful campaign “Get Curiousfly”, we created “Take Control of Home” this campaign was by far the most successful one in the list. After a month’s run we created another 5 second simple campaign “Switch to Curiousfly” which was also successful. These two campaigns had the highest success rate